12 May 2009

living in gratitude 61 : a day at a time

Difficult start to the day : I woke up at 3 am with a lot of pain so took some medication (which should only be taken on a full stomach). Result : nausea + vomitting at 5 am... miserable and even weaker than yesterday.

So slept most of the day. A friend did some reiki which helped me settle. By early evening, I felt better + went for a long walk in the jardin des plantes, which is an amazing public garden. Not feeling sad today, just overwhelmed with what I am going through, exhausted all the time and not being able to look further than today.


Anonymous said...

Natalie, I was so, so worried. My face and heart lit up when I saw your post. I took a deep sigh of relief when I saw your post. I realize it must be hard to keep "reporting" to us, but since I know you made it through surgery, I will wait much more patiently. Your music is still waiting in your want it. Cheers to you and happiness for us all!! Nat is back!!Beverly-Houston

Anonymous said...

Nat, I am trying to send you my strength to help you to be patient. I want to hold you in my arms without putting stress on you as you need to be free to heal. I will massage your feet whenever you like. Just let me know what you want. You have been through such a lot and you can open up now to accept the same strength from your friends that you have always offered them. with love Hkh