11 May 2009

living in gratitude 60 : back from hospital

I came out of hospital on Saturday, been feeling very very fatigued + + chopped up/sore + sad (that is why I didn't update the blog straight away).

I am staying at Rose's on the left bank in the 5th as I cannot climb the five flights of stairs at my house for some time.

The surgery went well - it was a pretty horrible process to go through. No visible cancer cells found during surgery which is great news. I get the final results to see if I am 'clear' on 27 may.


Anonymous said...

dearest nat, good to hear you're back. Send you lot of strength to continue to get well. Big hugs Anja

Vix said...

Hi Nathalie, great to see your post! Thinking of you - Vicki

Anonymous said...

dear natinat, we think fondly about you. I feel so sad for you - and hopeful too. Let's hope it's the end of a nightmare journey. will write soon. Love, your cousin Glotte

yabyum said...

Been thinking of you lots, can't wait to see you and cook for you (and me).

Anonymous said...

dearest Nat
Kyo Hana and I have been thinking about you and I am sending you my strength and love every evening and every morning. So glad to see your blog post. I am sure that this is the end of bad moment and that there are better things waiting for you. lots of sweet warm hugs and kisses Hana

Kym said...

Glad things went well...fingers are firmly crossed for May 27th xx

Liz said...

Dear Nat,
You have been in my thoughts daily. I am happy the surgery went well.
You will continue to get stronger. The worst is over.
At least you're by the beautiful garden.
with love,