12 April 2009

living in gratitude 49 : easter sunday

It's Easter Sunday ... and again I cannot sleep (after having done a full moon puja three nights ago - i actually slept 2 consecutive nights reasonably well...)

I took some photos today but haven't downloaded them... in the meantime a photo from last weekend, Ben came over for dinner dressed in camouflaged pink... against my PINK lotus coloured wall, the camouflage worked wonders...

Still feeling depressed + depleted... but I guess in this part of the process, I just have to be really, really patient.

Today I had an easter morning visit from Berlin/Oz pals + their bub Aidan (will download pix tomorrow) + an angel called Elise came over a cooked a most delicious spinach pie for lunch. I have given her the email / phone numbers of my paris based crew - she's organising for a different friend to come each day and cook/ do my grocery shopping until I am stronger.

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