04 April 2009

living in gratitude 45 : settling in

Here are the photos from yesterday's climb up the five flights of stairs. As I was doing the stairs bit by bit (this was the first 11 stairs, after that I went up with shorter intervals : about 5-7 stairs at a time as my head was really spinning on this first effort).

This is what the flight of stairs looked like from the eleventh step.

resting... waiting to gather the energy for the next exertion.

1 and a half flights to go ... almost there... the hardest part.

and this is what it looks like from the top...

Feeling much better today. But it is odd as I had no expectations of what life was going to be like "after radiation" as I was so focused like the warrior going to battle, that I could only focus on the treatment... And I never ever anticipated, that, after the treatment, there is still soooo much work to do, so much to recover from, to heal from, so much emotion to go through...

Since coming home yesterday, my drawings have all been about one theme: it feels like I have come out of a huge car crash. Every tissue in my body feels the trauma.

Ione + Ben came over for a very early dinner which was lovely.

Please keep sending the moon beams my way, to help me heal inside.


Mlle La Revolution des Cache-Pots said...

Well done Nat dearest! Ive ever only experienced being knocked out by glandular fever for a few months, when one flight of stairs was my worst nightmare...I can only imagine how much more difficult your climb was yesterday, and yet it must feel so good to be in your own home again. Your warrior's mind will help you pace yourself so the healing will be complete. Your own inner strength is your best companion and the love you feel for yourself is your guiding light. The universe is with you and you are bathed in the rays of moonlight...I will send you some virtual moon beams, as the moon here is about to start waxing, and so the sky is dark at night!

Have you heard of, or do you already know this India-based Australian photographer: Robyn Beeche, http://www.bsharp.net.au/india/robyn/robyn_beeche.html also: http://ignca.nic.in/ex_0027.htm

I'm sure you must know her already, the world is a small place!
Lots of love, Tara

yabyum said...

Dearest Nath,
We'll be off to Lot on next Saturday, (well, actually stopping in the Medoc on the way) and we were wondering if you needed us to either take something down there for you or bring things back up for you.
Do let me know if it's the case.
PS: I sent you a mail but not so sure if you're reading the thousands of emails you probably have now.