03 April 2009

living in gratitude 44 : touchdown


It was a very slow climb up the 5 flights of stairs.... stopping every 5 or 6 stairs... having a sit down and waiting, waiting, waiting... it was harder than I anticipated.

No photo today as I cannot find my camera (I did photograph the climb-up as I had loads of time climbing/ sitting...)

I feel rotten.

My body feels so traumatised + depleted.

So the return is not as cheery as I had anticipated - (feeling quietly like a warrior after having gone through that gruelling experience of the radiotherapy had a certain beauty).

I now need to recuperate. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Eat well + keep the joy coming my way.

I am still drawing a lot. Need a new sketchbook.

om om om
om namo narayani


Anonymous said...

We don't know each other Nathalie.. I left an idea for a visualisation (of you shaking the blossom tree) for you a little while ago. Just checked back in tonight, well, this morning now and am so moved by your courage and creativity. And I LOVE how Lakshmi Narayani appeared for you (and you for her!). How amazing is that?!! Be gentle with yourself.
Maria (aka anon) xx

Anonymous said...

Nata, I think of you every time I see the moon ,and read of this time in your life with wonder at your strength. Love from Ashton. Your godfather

Anonymous said...

Enjoy being home, sleep loads, your Spring is coming. Richard, Vivien, Chas and Anna Victor

Peta Lily said...

amazing nata, very moving to read your blog and your nurse....that sent the tingles to think of it. live focused on the world of blessings and they will come
Peta xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx