02 April 2009

living in gratitude 43 : still in hospital

My departure yesterday was postponed as I bled in the operating theatre when the radiation apparatus was being extracted from my uturus.

Yesterday afternoon, I sat up for the first time(a dizzying experience) but wasn't able to stand.

text : no more pills, no more injections, no more hospital food,
no more radiation, no more.

This morning I was still weak + having trouble walking in the morning, so my departure got postponed another day.

This afternoon I gathered enough courage to continue to keep getting up and walking a few steps. Sitting and then taking a few more steps...I got to the point that I felt I was strong enough to have my first shower (sitting-down on a plastic chair) in over a week + washed my hair! Talk about the ritual of bathing as a therapeutic exercise!

Then after a snooze (that felt like an enormous exertion of energy), I went for two walks to the garden on the ground floor at the hospital. So now I feel that I'll be able to do the walk to the entrance of the hospital, get the taxi and then slowly climb those 5 flights of stairs tomorrow.
I feel I have had enough of everything (my drawings have been about this today) : enough pills, enough radiation, enough injections, enough hospital food.

Really really ready to be home + eat some proper food.

text : la famille c'est le délire

So although I have finished my treatment 2 days ago, I'm still in the same room as when I had my treatment, so it's a bit odd living with the ghost of the last week, the radiation machine is near the wall... all a bit too close for comfort - am really ready to go ...

I'm taking less pills : am only on one anti-biotic.
Less injections: only one anti-coagulant a day.

So each moment does get better... thank you all for the moon-light beams that have been sent my way. keep on sending.


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Last night in melbourne the moon was a half, its halo was like an indigo white neon light, the night was really warm, hot I'd say, yet there was a cool breeze coming in the window..I directed it toward you.

Siberian ginseng or u may find it as 'Eluthero' , is excellent as a post radio herb. It will help your energy levels, ask your naturopath.
You are well on the way to recovery, stay strong

Anonymous said...

Hey Lovely One,

I'm breathing out with you....
Be now gentle with yourself

All My Love


sylvia said...

natlat.Wow all your thought and drawings.Dunno if tsunami compares.beams of love towards you .C U soon.Syllot