08 December 2008

sri narayani ante-natal mobile clinic

Sorry I have not been attending the news on the blog but I my trip to Berlin to complete the GUARDIANS - Cultural Heritage of Sound video installation was REALLY REALLy busy... back in south india to continue the book - and commence editing the GUARDIANS project...

On the weekend I attended the ante-natal mobile clinic where the community health doctor took 16 first year nursing students (the course for auxiliary nurses to assist mid-wives was abolished by the government, so the Sri Narayani Hospital, which delivers a lot of babies has established the course as a part of the Nursing College).

Like all the mobile clinics, the nurses set up a temporary clinic in a village public hall in 10 minutes, performed a puja (prayer ceremony) to declare the space sacred and began receiving young pregnant women from the surrounding villages.

It was really impressive as the students are taught to do everything with so much respect and care... as their teacher said to me on the way back "it's so much more than just teaching them nursing skills, it's also teaching them to how to be in their work and life."

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