20 December 2008

plant more trees

When I was 6 or 7 years old it was one of my dreams to buy land so that I could plant trees all over it... a few years later, I had another dream which was to have some land in an urban centre and make it into a park... so when I visited the garden set up by the Green Guerillas in New York City I was gob smacked by the vision and its impact on the immediate environment.

I had an equally gob-smacking experience when, the other day I photographed Sakthi Amma's reafforestation revolution programme.. because there was the dream I had as a child! 16 000 trees planted (cannot remember over how many acres...)

This programme is Sakthi Amma's response to global warming... plant many many trees... create a green revolution...

Here is Vijayan, the very passionate tree-planting manager:

His message for the world? Plant more trees.

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