14 October 2008

vedas: offerings and rain (guardians project)

The heat was sweltering  over the 10 days of filming the vedas at Sri Narayani Peedam, two hours west of Chennai, South India...  35 degrees celcius each day... so you can imagine my joy when the rain finally started to CASCADE down on the 9th day of chanting...

The first intense rainfall was  at 3.45 pm (when this photo was taken, just before starting the evening chanting) and at around 6pm (during the evening chanting which was much more intense).

The priests were all smiling at the rain : as this is nature's response to their nine days of chanting.  I have seen nature respond to the vedas like this before and it brings me joy each time to see this invisible connection. 

Here is Professor Dixit in prayer just after the offerings of sari and coconuts (filled with delicious goodies) are given to the fire. After this prayer the main ritual of offering is over and he sits together with the other 8 priests and they chant to close the morning or evening chanting. 

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Mlle La Revolution des Cache-Pots said...

I love how you've captured so much 'purity' in the light in these images. They're so luminous and full of positive energy...as if you've transposed your personal profound experiences onto/into the images. Its very touching and uplifting!