15 October 2008

vedas - more on guardians project

Here are some more pix from filming the vedic chanting over 10 days in celebration of the Navarathri festival.

At the end of the evening after everyone had left, I was walking out of the hall, when  I saw this beautiful scene of the smoke rising against the light, so put down my backpack of equipment down and pulled out my camera.

The following day, I showed the photo to Professor Dixit, the head priest of the 10 day vedic chanting, and he pointed to the smoke and smiled. 

It is the smoke that feeds the heavenly beings / gods and they, in turn help out on earth.

Here is Krishna setting up the altar on the first day.  After the ten days of chanting the goddess Narayani was bathed in the water that was in the jars (each coconut sits on a jar) : the water having been 'charged' by the vedas over the 10 days.

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