26 October 2008

Sri Narayani Mobile Clinic

Here is the wonderful team of shakti women - Dr Kannike (pink sari) is a woman with a mission - she is 57 and is relentless in her energy and vision for getting new programmes up. Her next vision is to tend to teenagers within the rural area.

Here is Dr Kannike tending to a young boy in the community clinic - we travel in a van to the village, they put up a sign outside the 'local' space, a 'puja' by the village leader is done (a short prayer ritual to Sakthi Amma Narayani, the Divine Mother and incense is lit) and women, children and men turn up all morning.

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franck said...

hi Nat

since you are in india, i would like to connect you to our friend photographer (you met him at our wedding- www.fredericdelangle.com) and his work in Ahmedabad (see the website).
Also, on a more personal tone, Aga & I are introducing Marc, a new family member, born last week, 3.7kg and 53cm. Spare him a few good thoughts :-)