16 October 2008

goddesses - navarathri

This is the last posting about filming the Vedic chanting - but I just couldn't miss out on sharing this!

Navarathri is the festival in celebration of the Goddess who fights for 9 days and overcomes the demon on the 10th day. And as I was filming at Sri Narayani Peedam, the seat of the Divine Mother : the role of 'mother' 'goddess' is given great value.

During  the Navaratri festival whilst the vedic chanting ceremony was coming to completion, each day,  two married women and one girl were honoured as goddesses.

If this photo you can see the woman leaning over, painting the lady's feet and hands (symbols of the sacred) with tumeric and kumkum.

Here is a snap of the goddesses: left is the woman who 'painted' on the goddesses' hands and feet.

Mum with her two little goddesses (mum and the elder daughter, left, were adorned) and both were given blessed apples and all goddesses went home with a goddess-care package full of goodies.

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