21 October 2008

beauty moth and big bug at my doorstep

I was having breakfast with three friends and Shakti Amma on Amma's porch. As soon as I sat down, this moth came and sat on my hand and stayed there for about 3 hours as we talked and had breakfast, then goh puja (a prayer ritual honouring mother earth/ the sacred cow). During which the moth had gone to sleep (I thought it had died) and woken up again...

I was admiring the beauty + lines of the moth with Jeni when Amma said "see that moth on your hand, the Divine's work is as detailed in everything as it is in that moth."

Then I went back to the guest house and the moth stayed with me all that time (it was about a 10 minute walk to the guest house). Enough time to take a photo of it (above) then I went to have a nap (and the moth stayed there on my hand as I snoozed... it was gone when I woke up).

Not sure what the lesson was in that but it was a unique experience to have this delicate animal so comfortably sitting with me for so long.

Then when i awoke, I found that the moth had left and this giant critter (never seen one before like this) was waiting outside my door...

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