15 September 2008


Cecile Vargaftig, screenwriter (Paris) was my supervisor at the LUSSAS Maison du Documentaire - writers residency when I wrote my second documentary "où est passé le 14 juillet?" back in 2000.

She is the person who taught me the most about writing: the essentialness of telling the story with one's own voice,  remaining true to oneself throughout the entire process and listening to the inner voice/ intuition for direction.  

Here is a photo I just received from her tonight: a photo of Cecile in my mother's garden looking at an article of the film (that's me in the photo) when it was finally screened in Cahors (LOT) this summer. 

The twist is that the film actually introduced Cecile and her partner (and their dog) to the region of the Lot (where the film was based), they fell in love with the area and now live there half of the year.

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