01 September 2008

tamara+klemens got married (again)

I took the night train on friday night from Dusseldorf and woke up in the Austrian alps to photograph Tamara + Klemen's wedding. 

Tamara is the composer I often collaborate with (she did the soundscape for Speaking Through Water+ we are working on the SUFFRAGI piece based on asylum seekers' stories)

Tamara had just come out of the hair/make-up place and thought a little  "the hills are alive with the sound of muzak" with Khadija blowing bubbles would be a good introduction for the day...

T & K

These photos are totally out of order...Klemen's favourite view (when the mountains turn pink) from the restaurant where we had the reception (the apricot schnapps was delicious!)

getting to the church on time.

It was an Austrian-Australian wedding -
and the Austrian folk turned out in their gear (it's chamoix hair!)

ze kiss after ze church...

where the ceremony took place : 
ze church on the hill... 
the hill is an ancient place of worship and 
the church dates to the 1300s.

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