22 September 2008

miriam dym _ dym products

Here is the lovely Miriam Dym in her Berlin studio - her studio was around the corner from mine during my Berlin stay.

I'm a big fan of her work + her brilliant mind: she was a great person to bounce off ideas with.

Inspired by the enormous piles of waste in her country (USA), the only materials she uses are items from her household (which includes herself, husband + 2 sons) which CANNOT be recycled (so this includes items like old clothes or worn out backpacks or airline tags(the plastic tape ones) etc etc.

She allows herself to use thread, strings, tape (and some other items) to bring her objects together. I ain't ever seen anyone zoom up+down+up+down items with a sewing machine like Ms Dym ....

Some are functional (like shelves or a CD case she made out of a pocket of an old back pac) and other objects are not so functional...

This coat has been re-dymmed + is not intended to be an item to be worn (becomes an object).

Some of her work is repair jobs (DYM style) on clothes that you love and just cannot cope with throwing out.


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