21 September 2008

Hugo Simberg's A Wounded Angel

Tidying up as I couldn't find my Australian passport (which,after a lot of methodical tidying...  I found... with gratitude...).  in the sorting I came across a catalogue I hadn't opened in a while : Hugo Simberg's A Wounded Angel.  It was an exhibition at theFinnish National Gallery I saw in Helsinki with my brother and his (now wife) Hanna-Mari.

At the time (we are talking 1998/99), I had finished working as line-producer of The Voice of an Angel - a documentary film about soprano Dawn Upshaw.  This was the film which introduced me to the world of live opera performance and Peter Sellars (we filmed the rehearsal process of Messiaen's St Francois D'Assise for 2 weeks at the Salzburg festival) where Dawn played the Angel.

Subsequently, I sent Dawn a postcard of the picture.  Then  at about the same time as the opera of El Nino was being premiered, her album on Bach + Purcell came out and she used the image of the postcard as the cover of the CD! And called it "Angels hide their faces"... 

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