29 July 2008

a favourite rembrandt

I am cleaning up my studio, and throwing out a load of things... and coming across a lot of things. Here is a postcard I bought at the National Gallery in London when I was working on the LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT - Australia's Creative Diaspora series.

Self Portrait at the Age of 34, Rembrandt 1606-1669.

This painting was Rembrandt's call to give artists a greater status within his society. So, as I was working on EXACTLY the same theme, 3 1/2 centuries later... the image resonated like beautiful tibetan bells throughout my being.

The Scapegoat, 2004

Pekka Jylha (Finland)
This postcard is from an exhibition in Paris at the Institut Finlandais in 2005. It was after a very rough period of my life: when my dad was dying of cancer, I seemed to fulfil the archetypal role of the emotional scapegoat ... so little goat and I found eachother.
Thank GOODNESS times have moved on...

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