01 July 2008

sofa series

I have left the studio at Bethanien but had to put up some of the sofa series.

Theatre Director (Australian-Paris based) Elise McLeod looking at her own image in the LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT book which she was discovering for the first time.

Celina Lunsford from International Forum of Fotografie (Frankfurt) with her two lovely "hangers" - they had been hanging an exhibition of portraits in Berlin that day and we were heading out for the best Italian in Kreuzberg.

Simbad and his friend from Guatamala - she had just arrived from Barcelona where she is studying cultural heritage management, originally from Barcelona. Note the big blue book to the left of her - is the Vietnam Field School bible... which I was introducing her to...

Note - the sofa they are sitting on features in the Paul Gazzola photo in the book... well the sofa no longer exists... I thought we'd be able to keep it as a bit of Australian heritage for the Australian studio at Bethanien... alas no... the administrator got rid of it ...

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