01 July 2008

safe guarding catalogue

The show, s a f e g u a r d i n g which was up as a solo show in Berlin (May 08) was an opportunity to bring various themes together of cultural heritage, environment and people and to assist me in understanding how they can live together as a meaningful, long-term artistic project.

So the next step was to make a catalogue (which is actually a DVD with booklet) of the long term project (supported by Künstlerhaus Bethanian and Australia Arts Council). These are images from the brain storming pages, which are a part of the catalogue.

Here is an image from the catalogue of the project of Ha Long Ecomuseum which will take place in 2009.

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Leslie Kuo said...

Hi Nathalie, it's Leslie from Berlin. I just dropped by your blog to look for something about s a f e g u a r d i n g to email to some artist friends of mine. I was happy to read you are working on a catalog of the project (or is the catalog done? I couldn't really tell from what you wrote). Can you let me know?

I also wanted to share with you a lovely bit of writing from a photographer who is working with similar themes. To explain her current project, "Reverence in Bali: Ancient Culture, Modern Tradition," she writes,

"...everyday life in Bali possesses a singular beauty and dignity... reverence is part of daily life…hand made offerings of palm leaf baskets, flowers, rice, appear in unlikely places: the streets, motorbikes, at the entrances to shops. While modernity encroaches upon it, the Balinese Hindu culture sustains the old traditions of dance, art, puppetry, rice farming, and ceremonies. These traditions are the glue and fabric of life that hold the communities together."

When I read these words, I had to think of you and safeguarding.

I hope you are well in Paris and that we meet again someday!