18 April 2008

12 days to go - berlin solo show

the studio in the day...
this has been my home + work place since july last year

and this is where most of the work for the show is taking place

studio last night around midnight... after miriam http://www.dymproducts.com
had spent a few hours going over ideas of how to present certain works...

the book with lots of text - these texts will become texts for the show and the catalogue... texts can be written in the studio, on the park bench outside or one of my two favourite cafe's down the road.

this photo is from the trip to vietnam - in december (nepalm bomb shell to the right + a cham headless statue)... this work is looking at the importance of taking care of cultural heritage and memory...

am still tossing with two different ideas of how to present these photos and text (video the notebooks? display the notebooks upright?)

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