09 March 2008


Finally got my videos on line ....

Here is the link for SLEEPING ANGELS.

The ANGELS continue to travel around this globe, next week they travel to Gallery 44 in Toronto, an artist run gallery in Columbia the week after and in Stuttgart in May...


Video and concept by Nathalie Latham
Music by Dan Parry
Vocals by Sir Willard White
Looped video. projection. in stereo
5 min 35 sec.

"While their minds wander off into a hidden realm of dreams, the dozing Japanese commuters in Nathalie Latham’s poetic looped video projection Sleeping Angels are progressing through real time and space. Accompanied by a charged and highly evocative soundtrack by Dan Parry which conjures up worlds of unconscious release, these ubiquitous travellers, almost oblivious to their surroundings, cultivate their own private space and, in the process, escape the mundanity of underground transit that personifies urban travel in the modern world."

Christopher Coppock, Ffotogallery, Cardiff UK.

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