17 November 2007

snow in berlin

Here in Berlin it snowed.

Mum was in town with her friend so we did lots of museums... and hot chocolates / schnapps in between... two concerts at the Berlin Philharmonie - where Simon Rattle presented a fabulous first movement of Mahler - the notes suspended in the air... and the silence between movements was delicious.

The Berlin Phil didn't get Mum becoming a lover of German composers... She told me she's very French in that respect... and loves
the melodies of Ravel, Debussy, Messiaen...

The following day, returned to the Berlin Phil where my friend Stanley Dodds (he's in the Australia's Creative Diaspora book) conducted the Schoneberg Orchestra with lovely Horn Concerto by American composer SLEEPER (great name ...).

Mr Sleeper gave me his flowers as he and his wife were travelling to the USA the following day. The flowers are up on my altar. http://www.stanleydodds.com/index.html

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